Bryan Ellenberg, Paramount Pictures

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Bryan Ellenburg
Vice President of Content Security & Distribution Technology
Paramount Pictures

Bryan Ellenburg is the Vice President of Content Security & Distribution Technology at Paramount Pictures, having served in similar capacities at the studio since 2005. He is responsible for worldwide content security and anti-piracy efforts across the entire lifecycle of studio intellectual property, including script development, production, post production, theatrical and non-theatrical releases, and Blu-Ray / DVD production, manufacturing and the distribution supply chain. He also represents Paramount Pictures on the Pre-THEFT task force at the Motion Picture Association of America, whose mission is to create best practices around the prevention of theatrical and home entertainment film theft.

Rennie Allen, Arxan

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Rennie Allen
Sales Engineer, Security Solutions Architect
Arxan Technologies

Rennie began programming computers when he was 10 years old. Since that time he was designed operating system software, surgical robotic software, and large distributed systems. For the last year, Rennie has been immersed in the world of application level security, and loving every minute of it!

When not showing clients how to protect their intellectual property from the bad guys and bots, Rennie enjoys playing drums and messing about with digital video and audio production. Rennie, his beautiful wife, and 14 year old son reside in Southern California.

T.C. Niedzialkowski, WhiteHat Security

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T.C. Niedzialkowski
Technical Evangelist, Strategic Partners
WhiteHat Security Inc.

T.C. has nearly a decade of experience in the Web application security industry as developer, product designer and security engineer.  His current role at WhiteHat Security – the leading provider of website security solutions, based in Silicon Valley – is on developing technology integrations with key security partners, and helping enterprises leverage their existing resources to better manage risk.

T.C. has assisted some of the world’s biggest brands in finance, healthcare, and ecommerce to best assess, manage and secure their public websites.

Michael D. Robinson, MPAA

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Michael D. Robinson
Executive Vice President, Content Protection and Chief of Operations
Motion Picture Association of America

In his role as Executive Vice President for Content Protection and Chief of Operations for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Michael D. Robinson heads worldwide content protection enforcement operations and countermeasures for the MPAA on behalf of its member studios. As an integral part of the Association’s strategic team, he is responsible for the coordination of MPAA-funded country-based content protection operations worldwide to ensure the execution of the Association’s strategic goals, at both the regional and global levels.

Robinson joined the MPAA in 2006 following a distinguished law enforcement and public service career. Rising through the ranks of the Michigan State Police, Robinson was appointed Director of the agency by Governor John Engler in 1991. As Director of the Michigan State Police, he developed an international reputation as an innovative law enforcement leader. He was elected president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and served as chairman of a U.S. Department of Justice Federal Advisory Committee charged with integrating law enforcement information systems. Robinson also served on the U.S. Presidential Export Council, Sub-Committee on Encryption Export Control.

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Robinson joined a team of executives tasked with building the new Transportation Security Administration. As TSA’s first Assistant Administrator for Aviation Operations, Robinson oversaw the deployment of over 55,000 Transportation Security Officers to the nation’s 429 commercial airports, transitioned the Civil Aviation Security Program from the FAA to the TSA, and directed the efforts of the Federal Air Marshals Service. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Robinson led the largest air evacuation in U.S. history as over 30,000 storm victims evacuated the storm-ravaged city through the New Orleans International Airport.

Wynn Rees, Fox Studios

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Wynn Rees
Vice President, Content Protection & Counsel
Fox Studios

Joe Daniel, Civolution

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Joe Daniel
Senior Solutions Architect

At Civolution, Joe is responsible for defining customer-specific solutions for the delivery of high-value video content through cable, satellite, and the internet. Joe oversees and manage the integration of Civolution’s forensic watermarking technology into service providers and equipment manufacturers systems. Prior to joining Civolution, Joe was an Engineering Manager at DivX Inc.

Vince Arneja, Arxan

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Vince Arneja
Vice President of Product Management
Arxan Technologies

Vince Arneja brings over 17 years of experience in senior level technical product and program management positions with the last 10 years focused on  product management in the domains of application, endpoint and network security.  Mr. Arneja joined Arxan from Sigaba, a leading email encryption provider, where he led Government and Commercial Product Management.  Mr. Arneja’s responsibilities include leading product strategy, defining corporate product roadmaps, pricing and positioning.  Prior to Sigaba, he served in a variety of senior product and program management roles at various software companies where his accomplishments include leading product teams and creating product portfolios.  Mr. Arneja started his career as a software developer after working towards a Bachelor’s degree in CIS from Thomas Edison State College.  He is also a graduate of the Executive Product Management Program at University of California, Berkeley.

Thomas Peistrup, Attorney-at-Law

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Thomas Peistrup

Thomas Peistrup is an attorney in Los Angeles specializing in intellectual property issues. Throughout his career, Tom has counseled and litigated on behalf of rights-holders, including film studios, production companies, music publishers, record labels, print publishers and new media companies, as well as technology and consumer goods companies. Tom has developed and implemented comprehensive programs to stem piracy and counterfeiting of his clients’ products, including in the areas of media and consumer goods, and represents his clients in court when necessary.

Tom served with the U.S. Army in Berlin as a German language linguist and intelligence analyst. His credentials include a BA (with highest distinction, Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Virginia and a juris doctor from UCLA.

Nolan Shadbolt,

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Nolan Shadbolt
Managing Director

Nolan Shadbolt is Managing Director of Tid:Protect, an Anti Piracy service dedicated to removing illegal content from cyber locker hosting platforms.

TID:Protect works differently to other anti piracy services conducting manual searches for content without reliance on automated systems.  We  have developed relationships with the most used Cyber Locker platforms and have negotiated administration rights to instantly delete source files from without having to wait for them to action DMCA notifications. Over 70% of content found is removed instantly and our relationships are building all the time

Our human approach has been tested against many automated systems and time after time has proven to be up to 10 X more affective than automated systems which are unable to reach the dark corners of the internet.

We protect content for the full spectrum of digital content owners from small independent labels to major film distributors and record labels. Lionsgate, Studio Canal, Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green, The Kaiser Chiefs, Sophie Ellis Bextor and more have had their products protected by our service.

In September 2011 we protected no less than three tracks which went on to make it to the No. 1 spot of the official UK Top 40.

Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Fortium Technologies

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Mathew Gilliat-Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Fortium Technologies

Mathew is the chief executive officer of Fortium Technologies. He has 25 years experience of working in the media industry. He cofounded Fortium in 1999 and has been responsible for establishing it as a respected provider of anti piracy software solutions to blue chip film and entertainment businesses. He works closely with studio anti piracy teams to develop customised solutions that secure disc and file based content during production and after release.

Before joining Fortium Mathew held senior management positions in leading publishing, print, logistics and new media companies including Haymarket Publishing and St Ives. He led two VC backed MBOs before forming Fortium. With his management team he has specialised in taking compelling new concepts to launch and building critical market share. He was responsible for the sale of Fortium ICA in 1998, its image analysis subsidiary, which is now owned by Symantec Corporation. Having built up Patronus as a brand for protecting Academy award screeners he is currently focussing on a range of file based security publishing solutions that protect content while enhancing accessibility.

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