Larry Kenswil, Loeb & Loeb

November 9, 2010 · Posted in Speaker Bios 

Larry Kenswil
Of Counsel
Loeb & Loeb

Larry Kenswil founded and for ten years headed up the digital strategy and development unit of the¬†Universal Music Group, eLabs. A long time denizen of the world of the major labels, Kenswil¬†previously¬†ran Business Affairs¬†and¬†oversaw anti-piracy at UMG,¬†and¬†he¬†served on the Boards of the RIAA, IFPI, and¬†SoundExchange. Despite persistent rumors of an ongoing bout of PTSD from those decades, Kenswil is currently Of Counsel at the law firm of¬†Loeb & Loeb¬†in¬†Los Angeles, where he helps those who wish to undertake the shock therapy of learning how to deal with entrenched music interests. He’s good at humorous sound bites for the press and conference goers, but he’ll never write a book because of his famous habit of never having written anything down.


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