Tom Patterson, Magtek

November 9, 2010 · Posted in Speaker Bios 

Tom Patterson
Chief Security Officer
MagTek, Inc.

Tom Patterson is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for MagTek, Inc., the leading secure transaction technology provider to the payment industry around the world. In his role as CSO, Tom helps to protect the users of over five billion credit and debit cards world-wide, by helping to leverage the best security countermeasures while serving as an industry advocate for secure best practices. As CSO, Tom founded and leads the industry group to wipe out counterfeit card fraud worldwide.

Tom has a long career in security, having worked on security for a space shuttle flight (STS-37), the maiden launch of a nuclear aircraft carrier (CVN-73), built industry leading security products (Net/Assure, CyberGuard firewall, TradeWave PKI), worked with the White House in the Middle East, run Deloitte’s security business in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, was CSO at America’s largest R&D consortium (MCC), built a startup internet company (Command) to $50 million in revenue, and served as IBM’s Chief Strategist for Electronic Commerce. In 2010, Tom has advised the U.S Secret Service, FBI, NCIX, Congress, and the DoD, and was recently named to be an advisor to the Pentagon’s newest round of cyberwar games.

As the author of Mapping Security, the corporate security sourcebook for today’s global economy (Addison-Wesley), Tom is a regular guest expert on NBC, ABC, CNBC, CNBC-Europe and Fox News, and a frequent public speaker on a range of security issues. Tom’s financial security blog can be found on, and on .


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