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Date: December 8th, 2010

Location: Universal Hilton, Universal City, CA (Los Angeles/Hollywood)

Sponsors: CDSA (Content Delivery and Storage Assoc.) and Variety magazine

Participants: leaders from across the Entertainment industry (movies, television, music, games, software, publishing) across the production, post-production, and distribution value chains…including content creators and owners, technology players, platforms, distributors, etc.

Summit Focus: the highest-priority business and operational issues facing the industry from risk-management, content-protection, security, technology process leverage, and business-decision angles (with specific exclusion of the Legal and Political aspects of this space, as they are focused on in other forums).

Summit Goal: to establish a “framework” for the leaders of the industry through this summit and most importantly going forward to collaboratively the top issues facing the industry in this space.

Specifics that set this event apart from other “conferences”:

  • This is not a “singular event”, but rather the establishment of a “framework” through which industry leaders can identify top issues facing the industry, discuss them from all angles and aspects, and work collaboratively on ways to resolve or otherwise reduce/mitigate them through topic-based “working teams”.
  • Most conferences focus on facilitating two things: “issue awareness” and “social networking”.  This summit instead focuses specifically on creating the framework to WORK and RESOLVE these issues.  As top leaders in the industry with far too much to do, we do not need yet “another conference”, but instead need a forum for actually working and resolving the top issues facing us.
  • Recognizes the common issues facing the entire “Entertainment Industry” (movies + tv + music + games + software + publishing) versus individual industry segments or elements.
  • Fills an industry “gap”, as there is no continual working forum for these issues.  There are individual conferences or parts of events, but nothing that is industry-wide with a singular purpose.
  • Specifically avoids the Legal and Political/Lobby aspects of these topics, as there are other forums for those aspects already established.  The gap is on the Business and Operational aspects.
  • Is leveraging best-practices coming from government/industry teaming in non-entertainment sectors faced with security/risk-management/business threats.
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