Event Details

Date: December 8th, 2010

Location: Universal Hilton, Universal City, CA (Los Angeles/Hollywood)

Sponsors: CDSA (Content Delivery and Storage Assoc.) and Variety magazine

Participants: leaders from across the Entertainment industry (movies, television, music, games, software, publishing) across the production, post-production, and distribution value chains…including content creators and owners, technology players, platforms, distributors, etc.

Summit Focus: the highest-priority business and operational issues facing the industry from risk-management, content-protection, security, technology process leverage, and business-decision angles (with specific exclusion of the Legal and Political aspects of this space, as they are focused on in other forums).

Summit Goal: to establish a “framework” for the leaders of the industry through this summit and most importantly going forward to collaboratively the top issues facing the industry in this space.

Specifics that set this event apart from other “conferences”:

  • This is not a “singular event”, but rather the establishment of a “framework” through which industry leaders can identify top issues facing the industry, discuss them from all angles and aspects, and work collaboratively on ways to resolve or otherwise reduce/mitigate them through topic-based “working teams”.
  • Most conferences focus on facilitating two things: “issue awareness” and “social networking”.  This summit instead focuses specifically on creating the framework to WORK and RESOLVE these issues.  As top leaders in the industry with far too much to do, we do not need yet “another conference”, but instead need a forum for actually working and resolving the top issues facing us.
  • Recognizes the common issues facing the entire “Entertainment Industry” (movies + tv + music + games + software + publishing) versus individual industry segments or elements.
  • Fills an industry “gap”, as there is no continual working forum for these issues.  There are individual conferences or parts of events, but nothing that is industry-wide with a singular purpose.
  • Specifically avoids the Legal and Political/Lobby aspects of these topics, as there are other forums for those aspects already established.  The gap is on the Business and Operational aspects.
  • Is leveraging best-practices coming from government/industry teaming in non-entertainment sectors faced with security/risk-management/business threats.
  • Frank Artes, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

      Frank Artes
      Vice President Security Worldwide
      Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

      Frank Artes is Vice President Security Worldwide for Deluxe Entertainment Services Group.  He is a leading national security expert and has a distinguished 15-year background implementing and securing some of the largest and most widely known networks in the world.  He is an expert on penetration testing, incident response, computer forensics, security architecture and design and encryption.

      Frank has been an instructor on hacking and forensic security reviews for the FBI at its training facilities in Quantico, VA.  Previously, as Information Security Manager for Electronic Arts, Frank was responsible for all information security solutions and policies to protect the intellectual property, e-commerce and on-line gaming networks of the Fortune 100 organization.

      At Deluxe, Frank is responsible for implementing anti-piracy policy and security measures to protect clients’ pre-release content at Deluxe’s post production and distribution facilities around the world.

  • Tom Moran, Savvis

      Tom Moran
      Senior Director, Media and Entertainment

      Tom Moran joined Savvis Communications Inc. when they acquired the commercial business of Eagan, MN based WAM!NET Inc. in 2003. Having served as Director of the Media and Entertainment division of WAM!NET from 2001 through 2004, Moran was promoted to Senior Director of the Media Services division of Savvis in January 2005. He is responsible for corporate strategy, business development, as well as sales and market development for the WAM!NET Service Portfolio at Savvis (SVVS).

      Moran helped lead the successful restructuring of Cybernet Systems Inc. of Minneapolis, MN from hardware sales into professional services and training for its media industry customers, ultimately leading to the acquisition of Cybernet by WAM!NET in 2001. While leading the Media and Entertainment business unit at WAM!NET Moran was responsible for establishing a unique domain expertise that led to the implementation of a number of ground-breaking content management and distribution projects, serving customers such as Universal Music Group, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, EMI and Technicolor, and many other marquee names in the Media Industry.

      Moran is the primary architect of business-to-business systems that are now the industry standard practice for production and distribution of media content electronically as opposed to the more costly, risky and time-consuming processes associated with handling physical media. This success led to his appointment to the Executive Governing Board of Directors for the Global Society for Asset Management in 2003 as well as a number of other industry accolades. Tom serves on the Board of Directors for the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA) and the Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) as well as being the chairman of the Digital Supply Chain Committee of MESA.

      WAM!NET’s Media and Entertainment business unit was the fastest growing and most profitable division of the Company under Moran’s management. By providing leadership for an industry-wide transformation of the way both packaged goods and on-line media products are produced and distributed, WAM!NET offers solutions that enable media companies to shave weeks off production schedules, get products to market faster and reduce the impact of content piracy.

      Prior to entering the technology business, Moran was a successful artist, freelance photographer and media producer. He worked in Minneapolis, New York and London for major magazines, newspapers, film, and music production companies during his seven years as a freelancer. Moran studied Journalism and Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota from 1988 to 1992. He founded the highly regarded international artists collective “Otaku” in London in 1992.

  • Scott Cronce, Electronic Arts

      Scott Cronce
      VP Technology
      Electronic Arts

      Scott Cronce has been with Electronic Arts forever (October 24th 1988) and will probably die there.  In the past 22 years he has been a Technical Director, Manager of Tools & Technical Direction, Director of Technology, Vice President of Technology, Chief Technology Officer for the Redwood Shores Studio, and CTO for World Wide Studios, and now just Scott Cronce.

      Not bad for a trained Gourmet Chef with no formal software engineering degree.

  • Mark Hollar, Rovi Corporation

      Mark Hollar
      Vice President, Product Management
      Rovi Corporation

      Mark Hollar is Vice President, Product Management at Rovi Corporation.  In this role, Mark focuses on Rovi’s solutions for the motion picture industry, including content protection, security systems and electronic distribution.

      His team manages the company’s BD+ and RipGuard products.  Mark also plays an active role in defining Rovi’s strategic direction with respect to the motion picture industry.  During his tenure at Rovi, Mark has served as director of engineering, where he led teams delivering video security products for the motion picture, cable TV and satellite industries.

      Mark has more than fifteen years of experience in the media protection industry.  He is attributed on six patents related to video processing, watermarking technologies, DVD protection and digital distribution.

      Prior to Rovi, Mark was a senior design engineer at Ampex Corporation developing digital video algorithms and systems, and a U.S. Navy Officer operating nuclear reactors on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.  He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University.

  • Taylor Hackford, Directors Guild of America

      Taylor Hackford
      President, Directors Guild of America, and
      Academy Award-winning Director

      Taylor Hackford is serving his first term as President of the Directors Guild of America, which protects and extends the creative, working and economic rights of its more than 14,000 members in the U.S. and abroad as the entertainment industry’s premier labor organization.

      Both a feature film and documentary director for 35 years, Taylor Hackford joined the DGA in 1974, and was elected to the Western Directors Council in 1996 and the National Board in 2002. He serves as Chair of the Western Directors Council.  In 2007, he was awarded the DGA’s Robert Aldrich Award for Outstanding Service to the Guild.

      In addition to helming the iconic feature hits An Officer and a Gentleman, Against All Odds and the cult thriller Dolores Claiborne, Taylor Hackford has directed The Idolmaker, The Devil’s Advocate, White Nights, Everybody’s All-American, and Proof of Life. He developed and produced La Bamba, the most successful Latin-themed feature film in history.

      His documentary work is equally as acclaimed with Chuck Berry: Hail!, Hail! Rock n’ Roll and the Oscar winning documentary When We Were Kings. Taylor Hackford began his career at KCET, the Public Television station in Los Angeles, working as a political journalist and at the same time pioneering uninterrupted Rock n’ Roll performances on American television, so it is no surprise that one of his most recent projects – 15 years in the making – was Ray, a dramatic film portrait of Ray Charles, starring Jamie Foxx. Ray was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. It also was nominated for DGA and Golden Globe Awards. The film garnered Jamie Foxx the Best Actor accolade for 2004.

      Taylor’s film, Love Ranch, has just been released in theatres.  Currently, he is involved in pre-production on the feature film The Merchant of Shanghai, which he is set to direct in China.

  • Steve Weinstein, MovieLabs

      Steve Weinstein

      With a background that spans technology, intellectual property and entertainment, Steve Weinstein serves as CEO of MovieLabs where he leads the film industry’s united effort to explore and invest in emerging technologies to advance the consumer experience in the new media environment.  Prior to joining MovieLabs, Steve served as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Technology Officer at Macrovision Corporation, where he led the post-reorganization effort to define that company’s strategic and technological direction. Steve previously served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Macrovision’s Entertainment Technologies Group, where he guided the transition from physical security technologies to secure online distribution, commerce and subscription services. Previous to Macrovision, Steve held the role of Chief Technology Officer at Vicinity, a mapping company acquired by Microsoft in 2002. Steve was a founding executive and Chief Strategist and Technologist at Liberate Technologies, an interactive television software company. Over his career, Steve has held executive-level positions at Microprose/Spectrum HoloByte, Electronics for Imaging, and Media Cybernetics.

  • Mitch Singer, Sony Pictures Entertainment

      Mitch Singer
      Chief Technology Officer
      Sony Pictures Entertainment

      Singer is responsible for coordinating digital policy across all Sony Pictures’ businesses.  He focuses on emerging and disruptive technologies and evaluates and develops adaptive business models to stay ahead of the technological curve.  In addition to developing new consumer usage models, Singer plays a central role in Sony Pictures’ worldwide anti-piracy and digital rights management efforts.

      Singer represents the studio in numerous standards setting activities, including serving as President of DECE (www.decellc.org), which is a nearly 50-member, cross-industry consortium dedicated to creating open standards for digital entertainment distribution with a goal of enabling consumers to acquire and play content across a wide range of services and devices.

      Singer also sits on the boards of MovieLab, DVD CCA, Entertainment Technology Center USC, and the HDBaseT Alliance.

      Mr. Singer received both his JD and MBA from the University of San Diego.

  • Stuart McClure, Risk & Compliance, McAfee

      Stuart McClure
      Senior Vice President & General Manager, Risk & Compliance

  • Jan Steenkamp, Irdeto

      Jan Steenkamp
      VP Americas

  • Tom Carpenter, AFTRA

      Tom Carpenter
      National General Counsel and Director of Legislative Affairs